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Updated: Dec 30 2021

Fetal Parameters

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  • Ultrasound
    • Ultrasound most reliable method for assessing fetal growth
      • in the first trimester of pregnancy, measurement of the crown-rump length on ultrasound is the most precise method of dating
      • earlier ultrasounds are almost always more accurate than late ultrasounds
        • never change the estimated gestational age based on an ultrasound obtained late in the pregnancy
        • ultrasound is the next best step in management in
          • patient's with abnormal AFP, β-hCG, inhibin, unconjugated estriol levels
          • cases where you are unsure of fetal presentation
          • cases of painless vaginal bleeding and fetal bradycardia (vasa previa)
          • any case where you suspect placenta previa (painless vaginal bleeding, no fetal bradycardia)
    • Fetal stress test
      • used to assess fetal well-being
      • most common cause of abnormal fetal stress test is fetal sleep cycle
  • Fundal Height
    • Least invasive
    • If 2 cm deviation from normal during weeks 18-36, repeat measurement and/or ultrasound
      • Fundal Height
      • Timeline
      • Location of Fundus
      • 12 weeks
      • Pubic symphysis
      • 16 weeks
      • Midway from symphysis to umbilicus
      • 20 weeks
      • Umbilicus
      • 20-36 weeks
      • Height from pubic symphysis in cm correlates with weeks of gestation
  • Early Pregnancy Fetal Parameters
    • Useful in early pregnancy
      • gestational sac
      • crown-rump length
  • Late Pregnancy Fetal Parameters
    • Four measurement requirement due to wide deviation in normal for each
    • One of the most effective ways of evaluating gestational age
    • Includes
      • cerebellar diameter (HC)
      • biparietal diameter of skull (BPD)
      • abdominal circumference (AC)
      • femur length (FL)
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