Updated: 3/11/2017


Review Topic
  • A 8-year-old Caucasian girl presents to her pediatrician due to breast enlargement, axillary odor, and menarche. Breast examination is suggestive of Tanner stage 3 with axillary hair growth. Pubic hair appears to be Tanner stage 3. After relevant testing, the patient's findings are consistent with central precocious puberty and is started on a gonadotropin-releasing hormon analog.
  • Mechanism of action
    • a gonadotropin-releasing hormon (GnRH) analog that acts on GnRH receptor resulting in
      • agonism when used in a pulsatile fashion
      • antagonism when used in a continuous fashion
  • Clinical use 
    • central precocious puberty
    • endometriosis
    • uterine leiomyomata (fibroids)
    • advanced prostate cancer
      • used as palliative treatment
  • Toxicity
    • edema
    • headache
    • antiandrogen side-effects

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