Updated: 6/1/2016


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  • A 24-year-old female presents to her psychiatrist with concern about her performance in school.  After discussing her work in school, it seems that she is doing well; however, the patient continues to discuss other things that concern her which include but are not limited to paying rent, staying in shape, the state of the economy, and her relationships.  The physician believes that this patient is functionally doing very well but decides to start her on a partial 5-HT1A agonist.
  • Mechanism
    • partial agonist of 5-HT1A receptor
      • non-benzodiazepine and non-barbiturate anxiolytic
  • Clinical use
    • anxiolytic
      • "I'm nervous if the BUS will be on time!"
    • generalized anxiety disorder
    • social phobia
  • Side effects
    • unlike other classes of anxiolytics
      • no sedation, addiction, or tolerance
      • no interaction with alcohol
      • can be used safely with other sedatives
      • no withdrawal
    • dizziness

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