Updated: 2/12/2018

Quality and Safety

Review Topic
Human Factors Design
  • Forcing function
    • a method to prevent undesirable results by forcing the optimal choice as default
      • e.g., setting a default prescription length for medications that are prone to abuse
    • this is the most effective intervention in human factor design
  • Standardization
    • a method to increase process reliability
      • e.g., having a checklist
  • Simplification
    • a method to decrease wasteful activities
      • electronic medical record consolidation
Safety Culture
  • A safe environment where people can express their safety concerns without fear of negative consequences
PDSA cycle
  • A method to test change in the clinical setting
    • Plan
      • define what is the problem and the desired solution
    • Do
      • test the new process
    • Study
      • measure and analyze the data generated
    • Act
      • integration
    • mnemonic: "PDSA"

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