Obesity exacerbates the phenotype of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) including infertility as well as reducing the efficacy and access to fertility treatments. Weight management is, therefore, a key component of treatment for women with PCOS and coexistent obesity. Many women with PCOS describe significant difficulty losing weight and treatment options are limited. The first-line treatment is lifestyle interventions though the weight loss and any impact on fertility are limited. No one dietary strategy can be preferentially recommended based on current evidence. While very low energy diets can result in significant weight loss the evidence for impact on fertility is limited. Pharmacotherapy, including a range of treatments can result in marked weight loss and there is some evidence of improved rates of conception including spontaneous and in response to assisted reproduction treatment. As with pharmacotherapy, data regarding bariatric surgery is largely from nonrandomized studies and though the significant weight loss is anticipated to improve fertility the available data prevents firm conclusions. Clinicians and patients must consider the magnitude of weight loss to be targeted as well as the anticipated fertility treatment required and the timeline of treatment when deciding upon the personalized weight loss strategy. Clinicians and patients should be confident in targeting the most appropriate treatment early in the patient's management to avoid unnecessary delays.

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