An innovative simultaneous triple point-of-care (STPOC) screening strategy for syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV with Determine(®) tests was offered to pregnant women presenting for antenatal care and evaluated for feasibility and preference in rural India. Of 1066 participants approached, 1046 consented, of which 1002 (96.0%) completed the strategy. Only 9% reported any history of testing in their current pregnancy. With STPOC screening, 989 women (98.7%) tested negative and 13 had preliminary positive results for infection. The total time taken was 45 minutes per participant. Mothers and infants were provided prophylaxis/treatment for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B, with interventions initiated within 3-5 days. STPOC was preferred by 99.3% (95%CI: 98.8-99.8%) of participants, facilitated early simultaneous screening for the three infections, timely initiation of prophylaxis/treatment and was feasible in this rural setting. These data suggest that multiplexed STPOC screening for syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV in pregnancy would be desirable for women in rural India.