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Welcome to the all new Medbullets,

Medbullets is brought to you by the physician creators of orthobullets. Medbullets shares the same values and goals as the site that has transformed orthopaedic education worldwide. We are going to do our best to do the same for medical school education. 



There is a "disconnect" between the "older" generation of educators and "newer" generation of learners. Didactic lectures are no longer effective as can be seen by the poor turnout at medical school lectures and lack of effectiveness of residency core conferences. While no one solution is likely, it is clear there is a problem and there are opportunities for improvement that could have a global impact. 



We’re empowering doctors to collaborate, connect and learn more efficiently, ultimately leading to better care for patients across the world. As a leading online network for the medical community, we work with doctors and healthcare professionals to improve efficiency, communication, and collaboration. We build educational products for physicians and healthcare institutions to accelerate their professional development and succeed in clinical practice. More than 100 of the world’s leading academic institutions trust our products to train physicians better....faster.



Created on the principle that physicians will benefit as a whole through the communal efforts of working together, we’re helping doctors make better doctors - and we’re just getting started.

Our “for us, by us” approach enables more than 200,000 healthcare professionals to improve learning and collaboration around patient treatment, while also providing instant access to cases, study materials, educational tools, and industry-leading videos in a mobile-first community.



Medbullets is owned and operated by physicians. As such, we operate under the same principles that you will when you practice as a clinician. While these may be foreign to you now as a medical student, by the end of your training they will be so ingrained in everything you do that you will take them for granted as much as the sun rising each morning. They include


  • Quality Patient Care & Patient Safety dictates every decision we make.
  • Being respected by our physician peers will become your primary professional goal. This is done through the three pillars of 1) providing quality care to your patients 2) being a respected educator 3) making a valuable contribution to research 3) being collaborative and working as a team with the extended team of provider around you



Join our free learning & collaboration community, your partner in the lifelong process of being a better doctor.  Lets begin the process of transforming medical school education together….today….as physicians.



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