Snap Shot
  •  retinal detachmentA 65-year-old man presents with sudden vision loss in which he describes the event as "a curtain lowered over my eye." This was preceded by seeing "floaters."
  • Pathophysiology
    • separation of neurosensory layer of retina from pigment epithelium
    • without the support of pigment epithelium the photoreceptors degenerate
  • Risk factors
    • trauma
    • diabetes
    • severe myopia
    • cataract surgery
  • Symptoms
    • painless, sudden vision loss 
    • photopsia (sudden flashes or light)
    • "floaters" in the visual field
      • extent of retinal detachment can be assessed by the number of floaters present
  • Physical exam
    • gray, elevated retina
  • Surgical
    • laser reattachment of the retina
Prognosis, Prevention, and Complications
  •  Permanent vision loss if not rapidly repaired

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