• Progressive effacement and dilation of uterine cervix resulting from contractions of uterus
  • Braxton Hicks contraction (false labor)
    • uterine contractions without effacement & dilation of cervix
  • 85% undergo spontaneous labor and delivery between 37 to 42 weeks
Presentation of Labor
  • Patients told to come to hospital when
    • regular contractions q 5 min for at least 1 hr
    • rupture of membranes
    • significant bleeding
      • small amount of mucoid bleeding is normal in early labor ("bloody show") 
    • decrease in fetal movement
  • On arrival to hospital
    • auscultation of fetal heart sounds
    • determine fetal position (Leopold maneuvers)
    • vaginal exam to check
      • rupture of membrane (ROM)
      • cervical effacement and dilation
      • fetal station (level of fetus relative to ischial spine)
        • zero station is at the level of the ischial spine



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